Molly Friedrich


“My greatest four a.m. fear as an agent is that I might have turned away ULYSSES but I’d never have missed A PASSAGE TO INDIA. Forty years ago, I’d have leapt to sell anything that wasn’t nailed down; over the years I’ve become more selective. Once starving, I’m now rarely hungry. That said, I’m still looking for the debut novel that is irresistible, for the non-fiction proposal which alters the way I see the world. I’m a fairly catholic, straight-ahead reader; I don’t flourish without well-rounded, declarative sentences! Five books that I loved but did NOT sell: BLACK SWAN GREEN, anything by Michael Pollan, THERE IS NO ME WITHOUT YOU, THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF, A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW.”

Lucy Carson


“As a self-professed pop culture junkie who majored in Film, I love that I’m able to handle our agency’s Film & TV rights as well as my own list of literary clients. I’m always hungry for high-concept fiction told in a sophisticated style, and it all comes down to tension and emotional involvement. On the non-fiction side, I’m drawn to hybrids that might not fall into a strict category but do combine strong voice with important research (such as the work of our own Lesley Blume and Florence Williams). If you’re on Twitter, you’ll often see me tweet about whatever I’m reading for pleasure. I do this not only to spread the word about great books, but also to send a kind of wish into the universe for my own submission desires. Five books that I loved but did NOT sell: THE SECRET HISTORY, SPECIAL TOPICS IN CALAMITY PHYSICS, MAYBE YOU SHOULD TALK TO SOMEONE, BROKEN RIVER, and anything by Tana French.”

Kent D. Wolf


“After eight years selling subsidiary rights for Harcourt Trade Publishers, I launched my career as an agent in 2008 with an eye for bold, diverse voices. I joined The Friedrich Agency in early 2016 where I continue to pursue boundary-pushing fiction but I would never turn away a more commercially-inclined project as long as the writing shines. I have a particular weakness for literary novels that incorporate genre elements—fantasy, sci-fi, horror—am a sucker for haunting, moody stories featuring other cultures and foreign locales, love to be unsettled by out-of-the box thrillers like J. Robert Lennon’s BROKEN RIVER or Scott Smith’s THE RUINS, and wildly appreciate edgy, voice-driven coming-of-age tales. My dreams for non-fiction remain ambitious: serious, immersive journalism with a strong sense of place and story, compelling memoirs, behind-the-scenes looks at fascinating subcultures, killer essay collections… but I do have a not-so-secret affinity for pop culture thanks to my voracious appetite for music, television, comic books, and movies. I’m a well-rounded guy! Five books that I loved but did NOT sell: MY YEAR OF REST AND RELAXATION, THE OLD DRIFT, THE COLLECTED SCHIZOPHRENIAS, WOMEN TALKING, SOUNDS LIKE TITANIC .”

Heather Carr


“After two and a half years at Trident Media Group, I joined The Friedrich Agency in March 2018 and am thrilled to be part of this small, close-knit team. I’m drawn to voice-driven nonfiction that teaches me something new while never losing personal warmth and/or zaniness. There’s a specific kind of alchemy that happens for me when a nonfiction writer marries their command of a subject with personal vulnerability. I’m also interested in long-form journalism of any type, but especially as it relates to gender and sexuality. In fiction, I love literary novels about dysfunctional families and friendships, high-concept commercial fiction, and anything with a singular voice. Five non-agency books that I loved: SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES; NORMAL PEOPLE; TRICK MIRROR; THE SOUL OF AN OCTOPUS; GOODBYE, VITAMIN.”