Submitting Proposals

The Friedrich Agency has three principal agents: Molly Friedrich, Lucy Carson, and Kent Wolf. If you decide to submit your query to us, please query only one of our agents. If you aren’t sure who would be the best fit, visit our About page or check out one of the many interviews we’ve each given to online outlets.

Once you’ve determined which agent you’d like to approach, please do so by email only, sending a standard query letter to the agent’s address below. We cannot take pitches over the phone, or by paper mail and such attempts won’t receive a reply. Please do not show up at our offices unannounced. That scares us! It simply does not advance your cause.

A standard query letter should be composed in the body of the email, not included as an attachment. We cannot open attachments unless we have solicited a manuscript and are expecting the materials (this is a cybersecurity policy and is fairly standard). As you would write any other professional email, please introduce yourself and your project, providing a pitch rather than a synopsis. A query should be somewhere between two and four paragraphs, but it’s ok to run a bit longer if you feel that more context is needed!

We regret that due to the volume of submissions we receive, we can no longer respond directly to each submission. It is now our policy to respond to your query only if we are interested in seeing more material. If time allowed, we would far prefer to treat each submission as a chance for individual feedback, but it simply isn’t possible. We have great respect and gratitude for the broad range of talented authors who come to us via query letter— and many of our clients have launched writing careers from taking this first daunting step! Don’t panic; do the best you can, and we’ll do the best we can.

To Query by Email:

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If you have any lingering questions before you submit, hop over to our FAQ page  where they might already be answered!

Illustration by Sydney Newman